Definition Of Moral Human Being

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What makes a moral human being? Philosophers and theorists have spent centuries struggling to find an answer. Morality is not easy to grasp but, I believe that we define our own individual meaning of what makes us moral, from the external forces that we encounter, our relationships, our actions and how we deal with the consequences of those actions throughout our life. To me a moral person is an “authentic being”, one who can positively influence our society through the power of choice. A moral person is self-less and responsible for their actions whether the consequences are for the better or for worse. We are all unique beings with our own thoughts on what makes us moral. Human begins are created in God’s image. The way I see us being created in God’s image, is not that we would physically resemble him but, we would have mental, moral, and a social likeness to him. We were given an amazing intellectual ability, that surpasses almost every animal on this planet. This means that we are able to hear, understand, and process God communication with us. We have the ability to obey or disobey God’s plan. I believe that we are on this earth as intelligent beings that are here to carry out God’s work. We are like the shepherds of the earth, guiding each other and progressing further. Our intelligence allows us to build and shape, and carry out his plan. Not only were we created in mental likeness, but also his moral likeness. We have be given God’s moral likeness in many ways. We have the ability to know God, worship, and pray to him. I believe that we are born with his good conscience and his spirit. Lastly, we are created in his social likeness. We were given the ability to communicate and lead eachother in life. Human fellowship allo... ... middle of paper ... ...ake my own choices, and live with the consequences. I believe being or authentic self is our moral obligation as a human being and by doing that we become a moral human being. On the other hand supporters of hard determinism, would have a much different approach. According to Rosenstand ,hard determinism it a theory that says everything can be predicted and understood with one-hundred percent accuracy, because everything is an effect a previous cause. Hard determinism says that we are incompatible with with free will, and that free will doesn’t exist. I don’t believe this because free will is only nature as humans. Our life is determined by the choices that we make, and the possibilities those choices open up. Hard determinism is a good example of what Sartre calls “bad faith”. Hard determinism would not be a good moral factor because it rejects ethics.
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