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I have a six year old little brother, who knows an entire song that was written when his parents were teenagers! I am sure you’ve heard it. It is on multiple movies and I have heard it at almost everyone one of the dances I have ever been to. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” is one of the most famous songs of all time, also its nearing its twentieth year of being out! That is twenty years, for a song that’s more than a lifetime. Most songs today are forgotten by the end of the year they were made. The band who sings the song, Def Leppard, also made the song and so many more like it, is just as fantastic! It has been said in “People” magazine that they “...counties to be one of the most important forces in rock music.” These contributions to music demonstrated by the career of Def Leppard prove beyond a doubt that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should induct this band. Their worthiness of this award is shown in their charity, background and professionalism (“Def leppard awards and nominations.”)!
Def Leppard is known throughout the world for many different reasons, charity, professionalism, and their background are just a named few. I’m sure there’s much more, but really I think these three are all we need to make sure they get inducted. Being so young when they first started out
The First thing I want to start with is their willingness to help others. One member of the band, the drummer Rick Allen, who lost an arm in the early years in the band has his own charity (The Raven Drum Foundation)! Not only do they have that charity, but support many others and most of those that they support are for our country’s troops (and they’re not even from the U.S.). With so many awards that they have already received and the hundred ...

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...have things we can enjoy and be smart with them as to not ruin them. It has been said by many different people that “Def Leppard members….have become both a backbone and inspiration to many upcoming artist…” meaning that people look up to the members of Def Leppard and will (hopefully) act like them as well. Its important that we have these types of bands, ones that don't m,try to be the cool guys and give us good influences. (Spitznagel)
Some may say that they aren't worthy for this award because they refuse to condon to what others think they should do. This is what makes them so great though. They act how they think they should. That is what makes me think they should be inducted into the Hall Of Fame.
For the reasons of their charity, background, and professionalism, and so many other reasons; Def Leppard should be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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