Deep Blue Sea: Don't Waste Your Time

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Deep Blue Sea is a pathetic attempt at a heart racing, action packed, adrenaline pumping thriller. The only thrilling moment of this multi million dollar catastrophe was the laughable special effects and far fetched plot. The film, set in a research facility at sea, is about a group of scientists developing a cure for Alzheimer’s. All hell breaks lose when the sharks escape and are out for revenge. Renny Harlin directs, with an all star cast starring LL Cool J as the wise cracking chef, Preacher, who adds much needed humour to this disastrous production. I would class this film as a mixture of genres, thriller, action, and with moments of comedy. Preacher (LL Cool J) adds comedy to Deep Blue Sea with amusing quotes throughout, adding a fine line of humour to the action filled film. Preacher is trapped in the kitchen when a shark ‘ate my bird’. This is one of his most memorable quotes because the contrast of a frightening scene mixed with humour, breaks the tension in a spilt second. Preacher is deeply religious and this is shown in many scenes. The cross around his neck, symbolising Christianity, is used in the final scene to stab the shark when he’s in its clutches. Susan McAlister (Saffron Burrows) is the British scientist leading the project. She is obsessed with finding a cure due to her father suffering from the disease. This clouds her judgement causing irrational choices in scenes. An example of this would be when she returns to the laboratory to collect the cure, with the sharks still in the facility. This, as expected, turned into another battle against the super smart sharks. These different two v... ... middle of paper ... ...ue Sea an average start but it all went downhill from there. One of the most memorable scenes was the dramatic finale where the humans and shark come face to face. The survivors reach the top of Aquatica, with one shark still on the loose. As a final attempt to fix her mistakes, Doctor McAlister slashes her hand and says, ‘She may be the smartest animal in the planet, but she’s still just an animal. Come to mama.’ Her blood lures the shark back to the facility, but will her mistake finally be destroyed? The scene is badly written and presented but the complicated plot gives an original ending. For all you action junkies, this film is not worth your money or time. Having not watched many action films, the scene after scene of chaos has put me off completely. The two hours which looked like they were from a low budget movie puts millions of dollars to waste.
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