Decline of Formal Letter Writing

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As society and technology advances, formal letter writing is declining rapidly. During the 1800’s, writing formal letters was one of the most effective ways of getting in touch with family and friends that are miles away .You would simply write a letter and send it to your destination. The only problem with this is that people would get tired of waiting for their letter to arrive. Personal, formal writing has greatly decreased by two - three percent every year. New inventions like telephoning, text messaging, and email are the main technology gurus that are at fault for the major decline in formal letter writing. These are the new inventions that the populations have found for a more practical way of communication. Two out of every five household member use text messaging and send about 2,357 text messages a month ; this brings the question of, What is the reason for writing formal letters ,if writing it in a couple of words is a lot easier and time efficient? Most people believe that writing formal letter is a waste of time. Text messaging is known to be one of the easiest ways of communication with your family and friends. The new generation now days use mostly text message because they are lazy to pick up a pencil and write their thoughts and feelings, and send a letter. They shorten the words to make the message shorter and they use abbreviations like “IDK” which means,”I don’t know”, to shorten their message. The age range that has the highest text message rate is ages 13-17. The older the person is the less text messages are being sent, and the younger the person is the more text messages are being sent. The older the person is the more personal, formal letter writings are sent. Text messaging might be an easier and efficie... ... middle of paper ... ...believe that the new inventions of the telephone, text messaging, and email is a great idea. Sending and receiving letter is a hassle. Having to wait for the other persons response keeps you anxious and it makes you wait a lot longer. Being able to connect with the person in a matter of seconds is great in the sense that you will not have to wait for their response. Technology increases rapidly and I believe that the use of telephoning, text message, and, email will one day decrease as well. As the years go by there are new inventions that may benefit our use of getting our message cross. The formal letter writing is considered an older way of communication and is not useful anymore. It was an event in a time in this world that helped people communicate distances away. As technology is being invented, there are more effortless and efficient ways of sending a letter.
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