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Reflective Paper

Death is an unfortunate yet necessary part of life. Exposure to death throughout my life has served as undeniable proof of my own mortality. Though I have not yet experienced any deaths of my immediate family or any close friends, I have seen it more indirectly through the media and deaths of acquaintances by fatal car accidents, overdoses, and suicides. I have also lost numerous childhood pets, which were probably some of my first more traumatic death experiences. The death of my grandpa William was the first funeral I remember attending and was also the largest gathering of mourning family members I have witnessed.

My grandpa died when I was eight or nine years old, in a pool drowning accident. He had Parkinson’s disease,
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As a child it was something that was terrifying yet far away from me. I can’t recollect any memories of being confused about death. As time has progressed and I’ve been made aware of more deaths occurring around me I realize it is not something far away from me. I still fear death at this point in life, but I with less anxiety and more appreciation for it as being a necessary part of our society, ecosystem and life.

In the future I will probably react in a similar manner to death as I have in the past. It will depend on the circumstances of the death and my relationship to the victim. When I do experience the death of a closer relative or a friend I will talk about it more with other people who knew them well since the grief will be more intense since I have closer ties to the deceased. I will probably have a period of mourning and adapting to life without them. In the occurrence of a death of an acquaintance or somebody I don’t interact with regularly I will react like I have in the past. I will mourn for the deceased and the families of the deceased by attending the funeral and briefly reflecting on the person and my relationship with them. After the funeral I won’t dwell on their death or continue

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