Analysis Of Death Is A Good Thing Essay

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Death is a Good Thing: An Analysis of the Monotony of Self in Time

This philosophical study will define the good aspects of death that is revealed through the monotony of life over extended periods of time. In my view, death is a good thing because the concept of “self” presumes that I will remain unchanged if I was to live as an immortal. over time, the concept of I would become stagnant, and i would soon wish to kill myself out of boredom. Bernard Williams is an important premise for this belief, since the assumption of immortality usually rests on the assumption of maintaining the “self” over long periods of time. I do not believe that this motive is substantial in the desire to love forever, which would make death a good thing in terms
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More so, if the person is not allowed to change or transform themselves, then the meaning of their existence becomes isolated and severely limited without the presence of death. Suicide is often viewed as a negative way to interpret the value of life, yet the psychological torture of an endless life (under the presumption of preserving an unchanging self) would make this option necessary. In this manner, death can be good thing because it provides a means of releasing oneself from a stagnant identity, which is the underlying premise of the “tedious” nature of immortality that Williams argues for in his theory on death. Therefore, human beings should be grateful that they do not have to live in a body that will never change or be altered, which will allow them appreciate life. I believe that death is a good thing because it offers the individual a way to change his or her form as a means to end impermanence. Surely, no one wants to commit suicide, but retaining an immortal body would, eventually, demand an end to existence (through death) that cannot be avoided. These factors define the purpose of death as a natural change in human existence, which should not be removed as a part of the life and death cycle of our
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