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Two nine and eleven year old girls Betty and Abigail started acting “strange” one day. Crawling under stools and finding their way into hole. Under pressure these young girls wrongly accused their family slave of witchcraft. This hysteria ended with 19 people hanged and an 81 year old man pressed to death. So what really did cause the Salem Witch Trials of 1692? This hysteria of witches and witchcraft started in 1692, in the colonie of Salem, Massachusetts. This dreadful time of the Salem Witch Trial was believed to be caused by young dramatic females. This petty idea was caused into a village wide paranoia because more and more people were being accused, therefore more and more people feared their fate would be to be hanged. Young girls felt they always knew what they were doing…show more content…
The first person to be hanged was Bridget Bishop. While Bridget Bishop was on trial she would not agree with something the reverend would say so she would but her head back or roll her eyes, the girls would flail around acting as if they were in pain (doc C). The girls would do this to make their stories more believable. Something that could further support this is in a 19th century historians passage he it says these girls soon became drunk with power (doc D). This means the girls realized how much things could go their way when it was in their hands. The poor were jealous of the rich. This can be proven because the accusers lived on the western half of Salem village farmed poorer land and lost political power. Most of the accusers lived on the western half. As for the eastern half of of Salem village gained in wealth and political influence. Most of the accused lived on the eastern side (doc E). In conclusion the Salem Witch Trial of 1692 was caused by young poor dramatic girls who had lives depending on them. They really didn't want to be told what to do. They acted possessed and were jealous of the
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