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The Border Ruffians were soldiers that supported keeping slavery and they were from the state of Missouri. Ruffian means a violent person involved in crime. In 1854-1860, they crossed over into the Kansas Territory to rush the acceptance of slavery there before it would become a state. Therefore, the slavery abolitionists from Kansas did not like this push. It caused a mini civil war between Kansas and Missouri. Some people think this may even been the start of the United States Civil War. All of the sources seem to support the assertion that a “civil war has commenced”. In source A, David Atchison, the U.S. Senator for Missouri states, “ Tear down their boasted Free State Hotel til it shall fall to the ground.” The Free State Hotel was important because it was the headquarters of the anti-slavery Abolitionists. Boasted means to brag and to speak with exaggeration and excessive pride, especially about oneself. Tear down mean to pull apart or in pieces by force, especially to leave ragged or irregular edges and to divide or disrupt. This indicates Atchison, the leader of the Border Ruffians, wanted to go to war with the free state. He goes on and on about how to tear apart the possibility …show more content…

Destroy means to put an end to; extinguish introduce to useless fragments, a useless form, or remain his buyer rendering, burning or dissolving; injure beyond repair; demolish; ruined; annihilate. This indicated Sheriff Jones wanted to send his troops in the war since he got a writ to destroy the headquarters that has the offices in the press with cannons. Source B goes far on how it supports the assertion that the Civil War has

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