Causes Of Slavery Caused The Civil War

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Slavery Caused The Civil War ‘’I desire no concealment of my opinions in regard to the institution of slavery. I look upon it as a great evil ... A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Abraham Lincoln said this while running for U.S senator, which included his opinion on the slavery conflict between north and south. The Unites States had a big conflict between the north and south on the country on the belief of the slavery and if it slaves should be free or not. This conflict was from 1861 to 1865. Two supporting events that slavery caused the civil war was the Missouri Conflict and the election of president Lincoln. Slavery was the root cause of the civil war because of the conflict between the north and the south centered around the beliefs in slavery. In 1818 the territory of Missouri requested to join the United State as a slave state. This raised the issue if slavery would expand towards this new territory as pro or con as a slave state which threatened the unity of the country. President Jefferson wrote letters to friends, including one to Hugh Nelson in 1820, saying: “The Missouri question is most portentous one which ever threatened our union. In the gloomiest moment of the revolutionary war I had never had any apprehensions equal to what I feel from this” which was sent to. This comment from jefferson showed how jefferson thought towards the conflict and how even the revolutionary war did not compare to the nations unity. The missouri conflict became a major issue many congressman refused the permit of the admission towards missouri as a slave state. The south which supported savery was furious especially to an idea of congressman tallmadge who disliked slavery who proposed missouri be able to enter as a slave ... ... middle of paper ... ...economic progress and national policies. During the battle of the south between states rights which meant the power and decisions a state would have a decision was made of secession. The differences between the north and the south grew because of the power and opinions that each side received and contributed. Even though people believe the civil war was caused by the state rights in some ways it was by the differences of slavery. The tension between the sides were strong which lead to the civil war, but were all caused by their disputes of slavery moving on towards the new expanding territories. Slavery was the reason the two sides were fighting if slavery should even exist and led towards the secession and the civil war. The civil war was caused by the conflict among the north and the south and the states rights and political power all over slavery. Slavery was the
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