Darwinian Evolution Case Study

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Darwinian evolution is the theory of biological evolution stating that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive and reproduce. This theory was settled by Charles Darwin, a naturalist and geologist best known for this evolutionary theory. Darwinian evolution has been around since the 19th century (Darwin C. 1859 Descendant of Man), and has continued to now 2015. Some changes that are provided from Darwin until now includes the discovery of how genes have different biological or behavioral traits, and how genes are passed down to the offspring. Another idea that has changed is the natural selection, for example genes can be transferred from one population to another due to migration. Evolution and Natural Selection are related, because Darwin 's theory of Evolution believes the development of life comes from non-life and these creatures change from their ancestors naturally throughout time. As mutations occur in an organism 's DNA, the mutations are well-kept because they aid survival, a process known as "natural selection." Therefore, Natural selection is basically the form of Darwin’s theory of Evolution, which acts to preserve genetic mutations. Natural selection is also similar to Evolution because it defends a benefit that permits a species to strive and survive better in the wild. Some argue that Evolution and Natural selection are different because they believe that evolution is the method by which new kinds of species come into being. Whereas Natural selection is the “mechanism” of how evolution occurs with varieties in populations which could be eliminated based on how well they succeed in surviving. In... ... middle of paper ... ...ion cannot be observed and tested as well, so the argument goes on. I truly do believe in God and that he created Earth and all of Earths living things. I go to church, read the Bible and take classes in order for me to get my confirmation in the Catholic religion. Evolution is for atheism. Evolution offers atheists a root for explaining how life exists without a God. In our question packet for the movie Expelled, one question asked was “what is the connection between Darwinism and Hitler’s Ethnic Cleansing?” well, the answer is that Darwinists and Hitler don’t care for religions, they thought that they were (are) correct for not having religious tolerance. For Hitler it he thought he was doing the right thing by murdering people with an “ethnic cleansing”. But are they correct for this? God’s power and nature have been seen as understanding of what has been made.

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