Darkness Falls in Stantana - Original Writing

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Darkness Falls in Stantana - Original Writing

In a village called Santana lived a young woman called Mary archer.

Everyone hated her because she use to go to little children and offer

them into her house, and she feeds them with poisonous food because

when Mary was a little girl her mum was preparing dinner but she

accidentally added washing up liquid with her knowing. When she put

dinner on the table Marry came home from school with her father. While

Mary was upstairs in the toilet, Mary's mum and dad helped their

selves to the sweet and tasty paste. When Mary came downstairs she saw

her mom and dad lying down on the ground perfectly still. Mary walked

slowly to her mum repeatedly saying "mum, mum get up mum", but there

was no reply. Mary knew something was wrong so she quickly and ran out

of the house to her neighbors and told them what happened. Since then

Mary wasn't the same.

One day the mayor's son went missing, so all of the villagers set off

hunting for Mary because they had a feeling that it was her that

kidnapped the mayor's son Alex. When they reached Mary's house they

saw Alex's bicycle lying on the floor outside the doorstep of Mary's

house. The villagers kicked the door down and saw Mary with a

butcher's knife in her right hand and blood was dripping off the

knife. The mayor was in shock when he stepped into the kitchen and saw

his son lying perfectly still and red blood surrounding him. The next

day the mayor and the villagers all decided to burn the face of Mary

and hang her. When they burned Mary's face, Mary put a curse on the

village that 20 years later she will return and when darkness falls

and children are asleep Mary will kill the child if the child or any

other person in Santana looks at her face. After she made that curse

she was hanged at the top of tall a wooded stick.

20 years later a young boy named James Patel 11 years old that lived
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