Dangers Of Plastic Surgery Essay

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Have you noticed that an increasing number of celebrities are having cosmetic surgery? Celebrities tend to have plastic surgery to show a better image of them selves to the public. Gang Nam, in South Korea is full of people having the same plastic faces. Not only Gang Nam, now a lot of people are getting their faces or other physical appearances done. Even though looking good has a survival value, is it necessary then to go under the knife just to look good? Plastic surgery should be banned from the general public.

One of reason plastic surgery should be banned is that it can lead to plastic surgery addiction. Set as an example, a person could go to a plastic surgeon because she broke her nose due to a certain accident, and needs a nose job to have it fixed. After seeing the result, which would be a nice and pointy nose, the person might want to have another surgery because it could cover her flaws. And after that she would come back to have more and more. That already …show more content…

Cosmetic surgery has a risk of infection just like other surgeries. One of the common locations of the infection is along the incision. Not only in incisions, bladders and sinus also can be infected. The cause is because the immune system weakens when trying to heal the body from surgery. When a cosmetic surgery takes place, it involves manipulating nerves. Nerves are very sensitive and damage can be severe. Severe nerve damage can render parts of the body useless. And also, leaking silicone breast implants can lead to death. The silicone gel from the breast can go to other parts of the body such as the lungs, where it could be impossible to remove. One study found that women who had breast implants for at least eight years were twice as likely to die from brain cancer and three times as likely to die from lung cancer or other respiratory

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