Culture and Social Changes of Taiwan

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Off the southeastern coast of the pacific super nation China, rest a humble and sovereign nation, Taiwan. Through many years of conflict, Taiwan has become a shimmer of light for developing pacific nations. Its culture streams from Chinese ancestry and century’s old religious beliefs have met the iron walls of today’s society. Social changes in Taiwan have opened the eyes to many of its citizens as they take on a rambunctious world. Through a thriving economy and never ending disputes with its tyrant neighbor, Taiwan is an exploration of many opportunities.

During the 15th and 16th century, Dutch and Spanish settlers came to Taiwan in search of gold. An early rumor circulated the world in 1636 that gold dust is in today’s Pingtung in southern Taiwan led to the arrival of Dutch and Spanish in 1624 (Mack, 2013). When Dutch and Spanish settlers arrived, no gold was present. However, sulfur was. Sulfurs significance in the world at that time ensured that miners would unearth the main ingredient in gunpowder. This was a huge discovery and kept the Dutch and Spanish around until the late 16th century. When word of the sulfur discovery reached mainland China, Chinese miners quickly invaded Taiwan in 1662 and removed the European settlers. China was experiencing a significant shortage on sulfur due to a large fire that destroyed its supply. China did not move into Taiwan with a swift invasion like the Dutch and Spanish. Through years of conflict with the Taiwanese ruling party, China successfully beat the Taiwanese empire and claimed the land. Many of the early Chinese miner’s genetics still trickle through the region today.

China’s rule over Taiwan was short lived. During the 18th century, the Asian pacific region w...

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...r, Taiwanese farmers still wear straw hats in the rice patties. Western clothing styles have taken over garments worn by the Taiwanese people. This is partially from curiosity of the Taiwanese people to the comfort of business transactions with the western world.

Taiwan is a marvelous country for any lifestyle to enjoy. The nation has thrived through countless invasions by foreign entities and continued to thrive. In an age where the world market has shifted into the Asian pacific theatre, Taiwan has capitalized on the opportunities available. Taiwan continues to prove that intimidation from its northern aggressor will not be tolerated while continuing to strengthen ties to the west. Taiwan is a prized gem with a slew of cultures, traditions, beliefs, and ideologies. No matter what appeals to a traveler is it is sure that Taiwan has many things to offer.
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