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Taiwan, it is the country abundances with wonderful history. It is a country where you can find happiness, joyfulness with their unique cultures. Taiwan is located at the southeastern coast of China; it is an independence country however Taiwan has a connection with its mainland China. Taiwan is also one of the recommended tourist destinations, as their Taiwanese street food, cultures, unique attractions and etc.
Before you pack your bags, researches are always a must. Tourists are able to get more information about Taiwan through the travel guide website, such as Rough Guides, Virtual Tourists, etc. Apart from online researching, tourists are able to go to the tourist info center; there will be staffs to assist you and might providing you information which online researches may not be able to provide you.

Short History of Taiwan
In the World War II, Japan was defeated and was forced to abandon all the overseas dominions on 25th October 1945. Since then, Taiwan was turned over to Republic of China (ROC). Republic of China (ROC), also known as Kuomintang (KMT), which led by Chiang Kaishek and was identified as independence authority government of China by the nation community (Historical Development of Republic of China). However, due to the misrule led by KMT, the “2/28 incident”, had disappointed Taiwanese people. The incident, happened on February 28th 1947, to arrest a female cigarette vendor for selling untaxed products in front of the Monopoly Bureau in Taipei, a Chinese military shoot with machine guns on the crowd, killing more than 20 thousands Taiwanese people on a spot (Anniversary of deadly Taiwan riot). By then, the February incident has broken the relationship between the aboriginals of Taiwan and m...

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...I took in Taiwan when the time I was travelling to show them how fun it was. Besides that, I would also suggest that have a trip together so that they will not have a problem of who to go with or travel alone. I would also have a brief introduction about Taiwan to my friends such as what kind of activities available in Taiwan, to let my friends know about Taiwan and the cultures. Other than that, tell them and introduce them about the Taiwanese food that other countries might not able to be found, so that they will have the pulse to travel there and have a try.

Last but not least, have a look at Taiwan. A beautiful country with full with gorgeous people and cultures, where bring you a different view of Asian countries and make you not only see and listen but also participant and feel the environment. Therefore, pack your bags and ready to discover Taiwan!

In this essay, the author

  • Explains taiwan is a country rich in history and culture, and recommends taiwanese street food, cultures, unique attractions, etc.
  • Opines that researches are always a must before packing your bags. tourists can get more information about taiwan through the travel guide website.
  • Explains how the "2/28 incident" broke the relationship between the aboriginals of taiwan and mainlanders. kmt established martial law on taiwan, which they called "white terror".
  • Explains that chiang kaishek died of a heart attack in 1975, and his son, ching-kuo, took over and became prime minister.
  • Explains that chiang ching-kuo lifted martial law in 1987, and handed over to lee teng hui (vice president of kmt). in 1999, president lee brought out the idea of dealing with china on "state-to-state" basis.
  • Explains that in 2000 march, chen sui-bian, the candidate of democratic progressive party (dpp), won in the presidential elections, which considered as the very first time for ity of taiwan ending more than 50 years of nationalist’s control.
  • Analyzes how chen sui-bian won over lien chan of the nationalists in march 2004 and survived a murdering attempt just before the elections.
  • Explains that china approved anti-secession laws in march 2005, which made the relationship between taiwan and china more dramatic. the legislature of taiwan proposed ejecting president chen in june 2006.
  • Explains that the democratic progressive party was beaten by the nationalists (kmt), which meant the strategic of chen of moving toward independence was treated as elimination.
  • Explains that president ma ying-jeou promised to improve the relationship between taiwan and mainland china by lowering the imported taxes on products. china and taiwan signed an agreement of investment protection in 2012 august, to settle confliction in a formal way.
  • Explains that taiwan has become a welcome country, especially in terms of tourism, and the relationship between china and taiwan is getting closer under president ma’s rule.
  • Explains taiwan has become one of the popular tourism destinations for retired people, honeymooners, young generations from different countries. graduates might choose taiwan as their graduation tour because of taiwan's fashion costumes, low prices, and delicious foods.
  • Explains that retired people travel to taiwan because of the medical professionals, which are high qualified, thus with lower prices than western countries.
  • Recommends visiting the lover’s bridge in tanshui, which is a must-visit-location in taiwan for honeymooners, and taipei 101, where couples can have romantic dinner together at night with beautiful view.
  • Opines that taiwan is a place where many international businesses occur, as it is said to be an asian economy.
  • Explains that yangmingshan national park is one of the top tourist destinations to visit in taipei during february and march.
  • Recommends visiting the pier-2 art center in kaohsiung, which features 3d artworks by taiwanese and foreign artists.
  • Explains that in hualien, taroko national park is a location that you can experience hitchhiking at.
  • Recommends visiting the night markets of taiwan as it brings out the culture and excitement of after-working-hour life.
  • Explains that keelung temple night market serves the worshippers of dianji temple, who came to pray for good fortune.
  • Explains that shilin night market is one of the biggest night markets in taipei. it is a destination where the local youngsters like to gather at.
  • Opines that taiwan is a monotonous country to travel because it provides countless activities that you would not expect. an agreement signed with japan in 2013 has helped the reconciliation between japan and taiwan, by helping one another.
  • Explains that taiwan is considering whether to set aside the trade-in-services agreement with china, as taiwan has to be open to the world, thus minimizing the bounteousness, and put more efforts and support on the merchandise trade treaty.
  • Reports that the national taiwan university of science and technology (ntust) won the if concept design award in germany in april. this winning contest has built up taiwan's reputation in foreign countries.
  • Explains the factors that influenced their choice and influencing the demand for taiwan.
  • Explains that airfares are cheap as we went to tourism center to see whether there have a competitive prices of family tour package, which inclusive of accommodation, meals and etc. promotion is also the factors that encouraging people to travel over.
  • Explains that the exchange rate of new taiwan dollar to ringgit malaysia was 1myr=10twd. however, today’s rmb is 9.3051 twd (the money converter).
  • Explains that they chose taiwan for their own interests, as they wanted to meet their idol, but it didn't complie as last. people may also want to travel there for meeting the artists, or attend mini-concerts.
  • Explains that people would travel to taiwan for visiting their friends and family. one of their reasons was to visit my uncle, who finished his degree in taiwan.
  • Recommends that they show their friends the photos they took in taiwan to make them interested in the country. they also suggest a trip together and introduce them to taiwanese food.
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