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Cults are most commonly known and practiced as a system of religious worship and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. Cults represent a worldwide epidemic of ideological totalism and fundamentalism. Typically cults target and recruit young adolescences, who are generally confused, curious, and looking for a place to belong and somewhere where they feel important. The naive and vulnerable youth are less likely to see through the cults layers of deceit. However not all youth are endangered from being recruited into a cult, only the ones who are easily persuaded and managed are the ones that are drawn and brought into a cult. Once accepted into a cult, the use of milieu control; control of all communication- slowly starts to separate members from the “outside”. This process is maintained through an intense group process, making the person spend as much time with their cult and as little time and communication with the “outside”. By increasingly inviting and making the people go to a sequence of events, seminars, lectures and encounters, making leaving a cult extremel...

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