What is a Cult?

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A cult is a good place for social outcasts to express their ideas freely, to feel safe, and to be enlightened for the future. A cult is a good thing to be involved in especially if you are a delinquent or criminal. Most people that join cults have a desire to belong, a lack of self-confidence, a desire for spiritual meaning, or to quit their addictions. A cult is a religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion and that has beliefs regarded by many people as extreme. The word cult, which formerly referred to an organized system of worship, is now a term that slanders any religion that you don’t know about and don’t like. “The term has come to do for religion what nigger has done for race relations” (Fellowship of Eternal Desire). “A cult is a group of religious and dedicated members directed toward a particular belief or figure” (Thriving Cults). Cults are often misjudged and mistreated because what they believe in is strange or different than what the rest of the world believe in. Lesser known cults are often persecuted for what a few evil and corrupted cults did, but they never stop and look and see if the cult is a truly peaceful group. People in cults are often persecuted for being devoted to the cause of the cult they joined. “Certain people lack the inner resources and inner abilities to fully understand the world going on around them. They do not enjoy feeling lost, feeling abandoned, or hopeless” (Church of Reality). “They have no real conception of themselves and a weak and uncertain sense of self-identity or self worth” (Campus Cults). Sometimes we feel that we lose the purpose of living and we need something to fall back to. “Naturally, we follow the advice of people or groups who seem to ... ... middle of paper ... ... they created or helped start and that helps keep them happy with themselves and with other cult members. Cults are basicly the same thing as churches in my mind. The only difference is that people do not really agree with the cult’s beliefs or actions. The cults are often just ridiculed for the fact that they are different than most of the average people that do the ridiculing. Cults are often used to help drunks, addicts, and now recovering drunks and addicts. The strict rules of the cult keep the cult member out of drugs and out of all forms of alcohol. The cult provide a steady home for cult members that can not keep up a good home.I think cults are a good place for the poor people that need some support to maintain their life and the lives of their families. You get new friends that watch your back. Joining a cult is a lot like joining a new second family.
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