Crow Lake Analysis Essay

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8. What episode or even seems to be the one that precipitates the action? (In other words, what is the trigger point?) What was the state of affairs before this?
- The event that precipitated the action was the death of Laurie Pye, suicide of Calvin Pye, and marriage between Matt and Laurie Pye. Prior to this, Matt and Kate were close, and spent time together. Though, Matt was busy studying for school and spending time with other people, which led to less time with Kate. Also, Luke found work and was able to provide for the family. In comparison to previous circumstances, the Morrison’s situation was improving.
- As a result of the Pye incident and Matt’s marriage to Marie, Matt didn’t go to university, with troubled Kate greatly. As a result, Kate ended up leaving Crow Lake to go to school, which led to her being isolated from her family. As a result, her close bond with Matt suffered.

9. What episode or event best qualifies as the climax of the action? Does the climax resolve the central conflict (supposing there is one)? Are there conflicts left unresolved? Does the climax itself give rise to further conflicts? How is a central theme developed through the climax and the falling action of the story?
- The central conflict of the story is …show more content…

The book can be used as a metaphor for education as a whole. For example, Kate can represent modern institutions and companies. Due to education inflation and credentialism, all they look at is your educational experience and what knowledge you have. This can be applied to Kate as she originally believed your educational background will represent your success in life. In comparison to this, you have Kate’s family, who can relate to students in society. Kate’s family understands that there is more to life than education and knowledge. The same applies to students, who argue there is more to people than their education and years in

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