Critique of Jefferson and Hamilton

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Different people have different outlooks on how the nation should be ran and how our economy should produce our money. For instance two great presidents have two different outlooks on how our economy and our politics should work. Thomas Jefferson wanted an economy based on small family owned farms, while Hamilton on the other hand wanted to manufacturer and produce as much as possible in factories. Both of their plans for the economy have many strong points, but they also have some weak points.

Many small towns and families make their living off of their family farms. Yes, this may be a great way of living for these families, but would it really be able to support a nation? Thomas Jefferson's idea of how a nation should be ran financially, was based off of many small family/coummunity farms. Jefferson was against manufacturing, he believed that the workshops should be left in Europe. Jefferson's essay was not very detailed it just stated how much he desired to have the economy based on agriculture. Farming isn't the only way to sustain an economy, their is also manufacturing.

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