Critical Incident In Social Work Essay

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Practicum Log # _7_ 1. Identify a critical incident in social work practice. This week while I was in the office, another worker and I were called by another worker and asked to respond to housing location we frequent often as a couple that is co-case managed by two of the workers had been involved in a domestic violence satiation. As we drove to the location of this couple we were again contacted and informed that in addition to the domestic violence, one of the couple’s children were struck by the father, and that the mother was being driven to the YWCA for emergency shelter. Once we had arrived the worker who had a greater level of rapport than I, began to process the situation with the male hearing his side of what had happened. As this worker and I began to leave I began to ask follow-up …show more content…

On a micro level, I feel that my informing the workers the need to report the incident may create an opportunity for the family to receive the support they need, while ensure that the members of this family are safe. On a mezzo level, I feel that the community in which these individuals live will be much safer, and that the temporary community where the mother and children will be placed with be more conducive to the overall health and development of the family. In regard to macro implications, I feel that by supporting the workers they we approach other situations with a more informed approach and will be better able to support others in the community. c.) Identify the relationship between social policy and human behavior in the social environment, and research. In this case, I feel that having policy that requires social workers to report such incidents not only increases the safety of those receiving support, but also ensures appropriate follow up. In addition, I feel that having policy within colleges that ensures social workers have such understandings is

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