Creative And Critical Thinking Analysis

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The authors statement regarding how creative and critical thinking can affect our lives is a very powerful one and it should be. Creative and critical thinking can have a very powerful impact on our lives. People that use these two aspects of thinking are more likely to achieve long and short term goals and make better life decisions, such as the type of career to pursue. They live by a moral code that is well thought out and created to fit the person that they are. They are also more likely to think for themselves and have beliefs that have been closely examined. These are just a few of the examples of what thinking creatively and critically can help a person achieve, but it is clear that they can help a person live a more enriched life and…show more content…
This is because they are not afraid to look too closely at themselves, something that many of us cannot even think of doing without running in fear. By using critical thinking to analyze themselves they are able recognize their biases and understand that their view of the world and everything that takes place around them is being viewed through lenses that are colored with their own perceptions. This knowledge allows an accomplished thinker to be more open to new ideas and other people’s opinions. It also makes them aware that other people have biases and perceptions that can color the way they see things. This includes people in the media and people in our government. They realize that they cannot just assume that a story reported by a journalist is unbiased and that they are not trying to persuade viewers or readers. An accomplished thinker also realizes that politicians may twist information to suite their own agenda. They know that they have to do some research in order to find the facts and they realize that they really need multiple points of view to get a clear picture of a situation. They are more informed and make better choices, because they are analyzing everything from multiple…show more content…
They also know what they want in life and they realize that thinking, both critically and creatively, can help them reach what they are determined to achieve. Critical thinking allows them to analyze and evaluate everything in their own lives and everything that is happening in the world around them. Creative thinking, on the other hand, allows them to solve problems and hurdle to goals in unique ways. Creative thinking also allows them imagine the life that they want and allows them to see opportunities they might have missed otherwise. The sad reality is that we all have the ability to use creative and critical thinking, but many of us don’t and by not using them we are failing
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