Creation vs. evolution: An Argumentative paper

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Evolution vs. Creationism: An Argumentative Paper explosion; nothing turns into something, and the world as we know it is formed. Or, there is a one true God who formed this world through supernatural means and created man out of the dust. Both seem pretty far-fetched for the ultimate answer to the preeminent question of the age: Why we are here and where we came from. Evolution is assumed to be true due to the fact that it seems to be proven by natural scientific organic processes, and Christianity is assumed to be false because it is based off some book that a bunch of random people wrote form 5,000 years ago. All of this would be postulated if this paper was written by the general populous, but this is not the case. In this paper, evolutionism, also called Darwinism, and creationism will be compared and contrasted, and in the end, give substantial information as to why creationism is the only conceivable answer.

Contrary to what many believe, Darwin was not, in fact, the creator of evolution. The idea that animals could produce a change of kinds is referred to back in the time of pre-Socratic Greek, around the 16th century. Darwin merely took the combined ideas of philosophers, such as Anaximander and Empedocles, added in his supposed observable proof, and wrote a composition
Yanes 2 of ideas and predetermined extractions from other already written short texts on evolution. Still, what is evolution? Evolution is the change in the inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations (N.A.), but is it a belief, dependent and trusted on and through faith, or is it a science; a proven, cold hard fact, which is observable and repeatable? Many, if not all, evolutionists would say that it is the latter, ...

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... Swiss cheese theory of evolution.

Evolution and creationism: two warring beliefs that are constantly looking for an upper hand. With similarities and comparisons that Christianity does not deny, yet evolution quickly repudiates. Where do you stand? In a belief that has so many loose threads, like a puppet that has too many strings, you try to apply it, but the strings become tangled and unusable? Or in a belief that does have proof and undeniable evidence, one that has a promise of everlasting life as apposed to a dark nothingness? A decision must be reached. Whether through further evidence outside this paper, or just through your day to day life, your must know where your beliefs lie. Just know, that if what Christians say is true, and the evidence is overlooked and criticized, you will face something much, much worse than being castigated by those around you.

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