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Our team is made up of people from different parts of the United States. Like the United States, different persons, or different parts of the country, have diverse attitudes and values. Also, we naturally have different emotions and personalities. For all of our differences, like the United States, we can strive to achieve and excel through collaboration, compromise, and adopting a team first attitude. In terms of increasing the motivation, satisfaction, and performance of the team, the makeup of behavior styles seems like they were naturally designed to motivate each other through strengthening each other’s weaknesses. Each member brings a distinctive personality with a variety of experiences that could be very different from the other members of the group. As a result, the team is forced to understand exactly what those differences are before we can move along our path to success.

Learning Team D posted their personal analysis of the assessments in this week's assignment. This includes the DISC tool, the Emotional Intelligence assessment, and the Values and Attitudes Insights assessment. According to the DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment, this team consists of a nice blend of people. We have two interactive members, two steadiness, and one cautious type. There are four team members who share the same behavioral style and out of that, two share the label of “Go-Getter.” Go-Getters logically and methodically choose their personal goals and set about accomplishing them in an enthusiastically determined manner. Jason and Fred have both mentioned that they sometimes go off and “do their own thing” when it comes to completing work in groups. This could be a gift and a curse because the purpose of a group is to...

... middle of paper ... dangerous.

The issues that we could face were known from previous experiences working in groups so, the team signed and agreed to a project charter which outlined how specific issues such as free riding, conflict resolution, and deadline management will be handled. This allows the team to communicate well and be accountable for their individual actions which creates a fair atmosphere of learning and cooperation. This charter is how our success will be realized but the aforementioned interpersonal management is the foundation of everything we do.

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