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Literary Analysis of Cranes by Hwang Sun-won “Cranes,” by Hwang Sun-won was written in the midst of the Korean War, and the story takes place in the border of the North (where the soviets ruled) and the South (where the United States reign) called the 38th parallel. Throughout the story we meet two main characters named Song-sam (who is an officer in the war) and Tok-chae who is a farmer- who is a part of the Farmers’ Communist League. These two characters grew up in the same village growing up, and were friends. Sun-won uses many literary works in this short story, including character development, symbolism, and theme. “How many men have you killed?” doesn’t seem like a question you would ask your childhood friend after being reunited. But these friends don’t really have the opportunity of a typical friendship anymore. This story takes place on the border between communists and anti-communists. Song-sam and Tok-chae are on different sides of this war, and so the question is, is friendship enough? What kind of loyalty should come first- loyalty of your friend, or loyalty of y...

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