Counseling Integration Of Christianity Into The Therapeutic Process

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In counseling integration of Christianity into the therapeutic process has long been researched and developed. In order to get a good grasp as to what things or ideas would be a part of that process the individual must look into themselves as a therapist and decide how or what that integration process would look like for them. The difficulty in meshing Christianity and Psychology is that there will always be a degree of fealty to one side or another. According to Emmons, many studies have demonstrated that spirituality and religion are closely associated with psychological well-being but, there are also levels of spiritual maturity and an individual 's ability to forgive others to contend with. Throughout the course of this paper I will be discussing the integration process as I understand it and how it would relate to my own relationship to faith.
My Integration Paper
The integration process I one that I feel is ongoing. It is not something you just do and that is it. You must continue to work on it and find ways that as a therapist work for you and help you in integrating into your practice. Psychology as McMinn discusses is a big part of therapy. Knowing how and what things from psychology play a role in therapy and the therapeutic process is important as I quickly discovered. There are many ways in which the two can be integrated or related. As I learned from some of my research sometimes psychology alone is not the answer you need another force or concept to help solidify the problem.
Situations where persons has feelings of disappointment with God cause more depression. In these instances a deeper understanding of forgiveness and its benefits to the individual are imperial. Carson 's article states, "examples of this can...

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Though I do not plan on being a Christian Counselor I do believe that I can incorporate or integrate the Christian Perspective justifiably into my therapy approach. In the beginning of this class I had no idea what it actually meant to be a Christian Counselor I now have a good grasp of this concept. I have also learned how this concept is related to the psychological theological and spiritual aspect of therapy. Although I may not choose this path specifically it has taught me or showed me way sin which I can incorporate or integrate these concepts into my own practice as a therapist and where these concepts fit or are applicable for me. The integration process in my opinion is somewhat ongoing but it is important to have a overall grasp on the concept at the beginning of practice to know where you stand and how you will apply this to the therapeutic process.