Analysis Of Caring For People God Way

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753 words

Throughout reading Caring for People God Way, Chapter 1, I began to ponder the question why do people chose to come to Christin counseling? If a person thinks about it, just because a person wants to attend Christian counseling does not mean, they are Christian person or they believe in Christ. A person may have to console and induvial who has problem does not go to church. According to Clinton, Hart and Ohlschlager (2005), “they believe that Christ is facilitated by a helper who assist this redemption process, helping another get unstuck and moving forward on the path too spiritual maturity and psycho-social-emotional health” (p.16). Christian counseling allows the person to confront their internal conflict. People attend Christian counseling because they feel …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that christian counseling allows people to confront their internal conflict. they believe that christ is facilitated by a helper who assists in the redemption process.
  • Explains that in christian counseling, the objective is to provide the client with truth.
  • Opines that counseling is a process and one needs to be receptive to really focusing on what the client needs or wants to improve on in their daily lives.

However, it does not matter how strong a person’s faith is or how weak a person faith is, everyone in Christian counseling starts off the same. It is a process how a person develops overtime. This is similar to a child learning how to tie his or her shoes. At first they do not get it but overtime, it becomes of habit and the person get better. According to Clinton, Hart and Ohlschlager (2005),” they believe that Christian counselling has to do with and learning applying the principles of the kingdom on living to the chronically sins, fears, failures, and dark areas of our life (p.21). When people are at their lowest point he or she turn to Christ to get the throughout tough times. Furthermore, in chapter two a person learns about the trust and fined our truth. In chapter two it discusses becoming a trust worthy counselor. In Chapter two, I realized that is all about gaining the clients trust. If the client, does not trust the counselor then no typ of relationship can be bonded. The client is in a venerable state and the counselor has to make sure that the can feel free to be

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