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Have you ever though about the products you use on your body? Are they good for you or the environment? At Lush, we believe in fresh organic cosmetics, which are all handmade. We want to take care of our environment, and the people around us as much as possible. We do this buy, teaming up with local farmers and placing limited to no preservatives in the products. Almost all our cosmetics have expiration dates. Taking it a step further, we are developing new ways to be eco-friendly. Such as creating products that have little to no packaging. Going even further, LUSH loves to help the community. From this they have helped to create hundreds of campaigns which help fight animal testing, pollutions, stand up for gay rights and more. There are a few other companies that offer natural and environmentally friendly products, such as The Body Shop. However, other competitors love to use parabens. (A chemical preservative). Here at LUSH, we try to stay as far way from parabens as possible, hence why our products have expiration dates. Recently The Body Shop has been proven their products to not be “vegan” and all natural as one may think. At LUSH, we don’t trick you. What we say is what we mean. That is why we take so many extra steps to create a product that is…show more content…
To begin, the company is about being as environmentally friendly as possible. One of the first steps is making all their products “Naked”. This means, they try to use as little packaging as possible. Their bath bombs, massage bars, and sold shampoo’s are sold with zero packaging. By going “Naked” the company has saved over 30 plastic bottles a year, from landfill. There are cases when packaging is necessary. When packaging is unavoidable, the company uses 100% recycled or biodegradable materials. This includes the bags used for shopping in their stores as well. Along with their “Naked” merchandise the company promotes fresh

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