Corporate Social Responsibility and The Peace Panda Program in China

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is defined as an initiative by companies to manage its business, positive image and reputation that reflects from its business on the society, such as the environment and its impact on the society. BreadTalk, with business expansions into China, had a program which practiced corporate social responsibility during the Sichuan Earthquake incident. It was undoubtedly one of China’s most devastating natural disasters. BreadTalk came up with a “Peace Panda” program which showed their support for the victims and to play a part in the relief efforts. The “Peace Panda” program is basically panda-shaped bread which was an iconic symbol of Sichuan was meant to appeal to consumers. BreadTalk then had the proceedings from the sales donated to the Embassy of China and the Red Cross Society’s China earthquake fund. This “Peace Panda” project boosted BreadTalk’s public image and reputation by showing empathy and being compassionate with regards to the Sichuan Earthquake incident. Media coverage of this event also boosted BreadTalk’s image even further. This “Peace Panda” program had also attracted potential employees to work for BreadTalk and elevated the morale, motivation and commitment levels of current employees. This has also provided the employees with pride and fostered loyalty to stay on in this humanitarian company. As a result, BreadTalk reaped a higher productivity rate as its employees are being motivated and more committed to work. With such positive image and productivity, BreadTalk has certainly attracted more investors and current stake holders to have faith in the company that it does not operate in the dark but rather to have social responsibilities and is ethical in its work. In conclusi... ... middle of paper ... ...different countries and cannot apply one country’s custom to another. BreadTalk business managers can host a session where the company as a whole will be able to come together and share their views and customs. In the event of any incident, the business manager cannot assume and jump to conclusions, but rather proceed and understand the problem tactfully. This will aid in understanding the culture and not aggravate the incident. Team bonding activities can also be introduced into the work place in order to promote the understanding for each other. In conclusion, a background study of cultural differences in various countries is very important as they will effectively decide the life and death of the expansion of that country. The last thing business managers want is to have an unhappy work force and being forced to pull out from their expansion from that country.

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