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Introduction There are a lot of religions in this world. Among the religions are; Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. At all time, religions have plays a vital role in the progress of human civilization (Huston, 2003, as cited in Yaxin, 2012). Generally, religions can be considered to be meaningful phenomena in human affairs. Although it can be as an indicator of human civilization, how it may lead to a conversion of one religion to another religion in some cases? For some cases, a conversion happened because people who undergo a conversion failed in continue to believe what they previously believed. This view usually causes them to change significantly (Garcia, 2012). As the above mentioned, the term conversion has been explained in Webster’s New World College Dictionary as a converting or being converted. Specifically, the word convert refer to a) Change from lack of faith to religious belief, and b) changes from one’s religion to another religion. For multiracial country such as Malaysia, people who were converted into Islam are also known as Mualaf. The term Mualaf derived from two root words; first, “Allafa” which may refers to submissive, tamed or obedient. Second, “Alifahu”, which refers to compliant. Thus, the combination of these two root words can be …show more content…

For further explanation, “social drift model” suggests that people will convert from one religion to another religion through the influence of social relationships that has been developed with members of some religious group. The view on social factor also was emphasized by Lofland and Stark (1968), later analyzed by Long and Hadden (1983), which they stated that this approach promote the growing of relationships and gives saliency to affective bonds. This is because through friendship, attending rituals, spending time with the old members, a person will adopts a belief system and way of

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