Controversy of Opinions on Labeling Immigrants

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Some would think that the terms illegal immigrant and undocumented immigrant or anything with labeling is offensive. Many would people suggest that terms like illegal or undocumented and etc. is acceptable. People think the labeling of immigrants is offensive because the emphasis on the word illegal or undocumented. The opposing groups think that it’s acceptable because they weren’t born in their country so, there is a need to call them a specific name to identify. I understand where the group who opposes labeling illegal or undocumented because all their doing is coming from a different country from their native country which, no violent or even a misdemeanor has been committed. I understand the group who supports labeling because they are coming here without any documentation.

In my opinion, we should say either immigrant or nothing at all. The term immigrant is coming from your country to another country. We always label certain groups and things. We have labels in genres, ethnicity and etc. There are exceptions to those words because they are generally and majority accepted. Using the term illegal immigrant or even illegal alien makes it as if they’re not human. Now, if we have to use a word to label or name, it should be immigrant Even though I’m labeling also, it’s a euphemism. The reason why I would say immigrant is because they are immigrating which makes them an immigrant.

There are a few reasons on why I would not call immigrants illegal. Firstly, the question of definition of the word “illegal” comes up. The term “illegal” describes as an action” and that it is not an appropriate label to describe a human being. Many sources such as the associated press explained for not using the term “Illegal Immigrant”. Stating, “The Use of “illegal” should only be referred to an action, not a person or a group for example, immigration' class='brand-secondary'>illegal immigration, but not illegal immigrant.”

Secondly, is the media’s explanation of the term “illegal immigrant. Entertainment still uses the term “illegal immigrant”. Entertainment companies argue that the term is less harmful and meaningless and argue that the term is neutral and accurate.” In many cases, reporters are going to have to be more precise and descriptive when describing an individual. So instead of saying "John Doe is an illegal immigrant, a reporter is going to have to say John Doe came to the United States on a travel visa and it expired," or "John Doe crossed a border illegally in December 2010 and stayed ever since.

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