Controversial Evidence Found in the Gospel of Mark

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The article Gospel of Mark, explains controversial evidence found by scholars about the origin and

theological understanding of the Gospel book. The scholars go on to explain the different categories within the

book of Gospels such as date, authorship, purpose, and theology of Mark of the Gospel is controversial to devout

Christians. These facts however can be controversial to orthodox, how the Christians believe in the accurate

understanding of the book because it was eyewitness account, divine dictation; it also tells the biography of Jesus,

and recorded history, along with Mark being the sole author of it.

The article is preserved devoted Christians believe that the Gospel is written by Mark himself, who was

also an observer of the Jesus adult life. However, in the article there is nowhere in the Gospel does Mark mention to

himself, the article says, “mark was written down, perhaps even in rudimentary collection, before the writer

incorporated it into his gospel. Perhaps most importantly, the gospel itself is anonymous; we receive no hints from

its contents about its author.” This definitely contradicts the original idea of the gospel that Mark is the author, but

he may be regarded as a completely different person. In addition, Mark was not of the original 12 intimate students

of Jesus that was mentioned in the gospel, so who is this “Mark?” which completely takes us to the next notion that

maybe Mark “was the son of the woman in whose house the disciples often met and was a companion of both Paul

and Peter” especially Peter as Papias said. In addition, this is true; the gospel would be the second hand information

about him because there is not an actual eyewitness account, and plus they reject “di...

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...lars say it was the

first gospel to be transcribed in the bible. In addition, the purpose is because Mathew and Luke seem to have very

similar stories from Mark and it seems to be more perfect and fluent version of Mark’s stories. This is the main

reasons it rejects the notion of the “divine dictation” since if Mathew and Luke wanted to explain the same exact

stories as Mark, then why would it changed the details of it, since the meaning of the story is going to be the exact

same as Mark. In conclusion, there is no actual evidence that Mark wrote the gospel or he even existed in the article,

and that whoever wrote this gospel his main purpose was to influence people not writing evidences and to diminish

that worship, this would contradict the origin of Christianity, since their divine copy is not that reliable.

century, where Christians were becoming
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