Contraception Pros And Cons Essay

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Female Contraception Female contraception was first defined in the late 1800’s as the deliberate prevention of conception or impregnation by various techniques, drugs, or devices. The access of female contraception for women has been a subject of debate for thousands of years. Women should have access to contraception because of the health benefits it provides not only physically, but mentally. The use of female contraception supports gender equality, and lastly, the use of contraception provides new arguments against an aging Catholic church. Female contraceptives are more than just birth control pills. The most common contraceptive methods and techniques include: abstinence, an implant, a patch, pills, a shot, sponge, vaginal ring,…show more content…
Something as small as having the choice to use contraception can make a great impact in our world. To think though if women were not given the choice and the immorality of gender inequality and gender bias would lead us down a path of destruction. For women to use contraception the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Female Contraception supply women with notable health benefits, with new studies continuing to provide documented medical evidence that support the use of contraceptives. Women that are not in a committed relationship that are sexually active and using contraceptives help reduce the number of STDs than those who do not. For women that are in a committed relationship, using contraception helps reduce the risk of STDs and various cancers. Freedom, equality, and liberty are very important in our society and should be important in all societies. It happens even today, that people are muted from speaking out on what they want to believe in, they are restricted on their natural freedom of choice. Some or scared that they may go against the church or go to Hell if they disobey God. The most common arguments involve sexual promiscuity and Biblical direction. The use of contraceptives is often associated with sexual promiscuity, sex out of wedlock, and sex for physical

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