Contemporary Issues Facing the Trinity

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There are many ways to describe the function of the Trinity. Some philosophers describe the Trinity as being the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; other philosophers think much more of the Trinity. They believe that the Trinity represents something much more dynamic and complicated than just the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These thoughts have brought about much discussion with the followers and believers of the Trinity because no one can really illustrate or even understand what the Trinity truly is or represents.

I believe that in today’s society more than ever, the Catholic Church is facing great controversy with itself and its followers. The Catholic Church, being one of the most powerful and prestigious religions, has been the target of many social attacks. Many people are now questioning the validity of the church and asking themselves whether or not what they are being taught by the Bible is actually true.

One of the most controversial topics today is the great battle the Catholic Religion faces versus science. With many significant discoveries being made every year; it further supports the scientific theory of evolution rather than the story everyone knows about Adam and Eve. It seems that with science gaining more technology every day and easier ways to prove themselves, because of physical evidence, the Catholic Religion is slowly starting to lose the devotion of its followers. With the upcoming generation being more centered on material possessions rather than knowledge and Theology it is hard for the Catholic Religion to continue to stay popular with them.

This is why in order for the Catholic Religion to regain some of the validity it has lost over the years it has to be able to in some sense prove to the ...

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...everything he has done and does is for us.

The Trinity is much more than God; it is everything that makes him. This includes himself, and his creations. Even thought the Catholic Church is and has always been in battle, against someone or something, it is everyday getting harder and harder to fight this battle because of the advances of science, and the Church finds itself in a position in where it cannot advance and make new discoveries. This is because God created us and inspired the Apostles to write a bible to tell us how to honor and obey him. We as humans must face the fact that we are all created by the same creator and that science is just a gift from God that helps us better understand and use the world which he gave for us to live in. This is something that the Church needs to make clear in order for people that have been living in doubt can understand.

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