Connections between Boo and Tom in to Kill a Mockingbird

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Connections between Boo and Tom in to Kill a Mockingbird ======================================================== Harper Lee seems to be telling toe different stories, that of Boo and Tom. Are there any connections between the storied? Although the novel seems to be telling two different stories, that of Tom Robinson and Boo Radley there are some connections between the stories. The first connection I'd like to highlight is that both Tom and Boo are Mockingbird figures. We know that Atticus and also Miss Maudie tell the children, and I quote, " Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy they don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That is why it is a sin to kill a mockingbird." We see how Boo is portrayed as a mockingbird figure when he is locked away from any sort of normal life and society. That in turn, ruins any hope he has of a normal life. However, Boo stays out of sight for many years and his only communication with anyone other than his family for many years when he leave gifts for Jem and Scout in the tree outside his house. The presents that Boo leaves show how thoughtful, caring and gentle Boo is. For example he leaves two dolls carved out of soap in the likeness of Jem and Scout. Immense effort and thought would have gone into those dolls, just to pleasure the two children. This shows how Boo is being made a prisoner in his own home, for no reason, he isn't doing anything wrong. Also near the end of the novel we know that if it hadn't of been for Boo, the children would never have made it home that night. This shows that Boo is like a Mockingbird, he doesn't do any wrong at all, and just watches over the children to see they are save and makes them nice things. We know now that a sin was committed when his parents secluded Boo in the house; they have committed a sin, as they would be killing a Mockingbird. This is where we see the first connection between Boo's story and Toms because Tom Robinson is also a Mockingbird Figure. We know that Tom Robinson was found guilty to the charge of Rape to Mayella Ewell. This happened even though there was no evidence whatsoever to say that Tom did it, and plenty to say that he was in fact totally innocent. Also Tom in the trial shows how caring and honest he is when he says, " I felt right sorry for her." This was a huge mistake by Tom as a black man feeling sorry for a
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