Congruence And Carl Roger's Person-Centered Approach

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Carl Roger’s person-centered approach is a very positive approach believing that people are essentially good. People desire to complete their self-image by being the best they can be and promote their ideal self. Congruence, unconditional positive regard, and empathy allow a person to connect with themselves and with others for positive self-understanding and growth. Congruence is achieved when a person’s self image is consistent with his or her ideal image (pg. 280). An individual’s emotions, behaviors, and awareness of a particular experience or situation must be consistent to achieve congruence (pg. 280). Unconditional positive regard promotes an open and an understanding connection between two people (i.e. client and therapist) while accepting that person for whoever he or she is. Empathy relates to the person’s feelings during a past experience or situation and the compassion for which that person receives from another person (pg. 283). I underestimate how important it is to be empathetic and understanding with myself and with others. I feel I need to become more open and empathetic with my current relationships with my family, friends, and peers. Occasionally, I demonstrate pessimistic attitudes and beliefs with others. I would like to look beyond my negative and distrusting mentality to be more positive and accepting. I now understand the importance and benefits that come with developing an honest, open, and empathetic self-image and bond with others. By allowing myself to become more accepting and promote openness, this will benefit my client by helping to establish a bond regarding unconditional positive regard and empathy. I want my client to feel comfortable to self-disclose while knowing I will not hold any judgmen... ... middle of paper ... ... of reality, being honest, using my freedom to find creativity in my life, and accepting and trusting others will allow my client to see this continuous process that I am improving my way of life, will influence his or her motivation and drive to reach their full potential as well. I understand how important it is for people to become self-actualizing. I do want to reach my full potential in life and I will use the different qualities and skills I have to improve my life. I believe that everyday I can work harder to improve myself I want to become more trusting and accepting but also include more personal skills of creativity and spontaneity. I know this is a continual process and I have the rest of my life to become the best I can be. I hope to also inspire others to practice this concept as well. Maybe even one-day our society will reach a new level of eupsychia.
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