The Concept of Confucianism

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The concept of Confucianism has contributed immensely in the forming of Chinese character, behaviour and the way to live, with its main purpose being to achieve harmony which is considered the greatest social value. Confucianism firmly highlights the impression of mercy, social order and fulfilment of responsibilities. The effects of Confucianism had impacted both China and Japan to the extent that the changes are still noticeable to this day.
According to Chinese tradition, Confucius or also known as Kong Fu Zi was a thinker, political figure, educator and the creator of the Ru School of Chinese thought. His teachings outlined the demeanour of the ideal man, how individuals should live their lives, interactions with others, society values and ideal governments. If you had all these qualities you were classified as the most ideal man. All these were preserved in the Lun Yu or Analects. Fung Yu-Lan compares Confucius' influence in Chinese history with that of Socrates in the West. In East Asia there were many philosophers but Confucius was thought the greatest. His writings which cons...

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