Conflict Management In Project Management

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2.4 CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Conflict management is a verifiable procedure used by a group to construct their task and ascertain the impact of their overall effectively on the task according (Kuhn & Poole, 2000). The three constraints in Project management are scope, cost and time are mostly major causes of conflict in Project management as postulated by (Verma, V. K. (1998). although other causes are also important as long as they have a negative effect on projects if not properly managed. Project managers being the leader of the team has many issues at stake to complete the project successfully, and those factors always compete with each other not to talk of the contending issues between the team carrying out the tasks. Project manager concentration from inception to completion is within the project initiation, planning ,execution, close down & conflict that arises at these project phases are reasonably resolved to achieve the set objectives of the project. According to (Hoffer, J. A., Valacich, J. S., & George, J. (2002) the Project manager uses the required skills in leadership, management, stakeholders’ relationship and conflict management style to achieve project objectives by motivating the team to ameliorate conflict during project life cycle. However, the project manager should concentrate on applicable constructive conflict management style, which when properly managed the team members’ modify and “grow individually from the conflict involvement of the person affected by the conflict is bigger, coherency is formed amongst team members and solution to the problems are found” as postulated by (Ohlendorf, A. (2001)) Furthermore, destructive conflicts also occur when decisions are not yet possible on some urgent situation an... ... middle of paper ... ...flict can be constructive and healthy for an organization as it helps in developing individuals, and improving the organization by on the individual assets of its members. This happens when interdependent members and view each other as being at fault and whose actions have caused the project some setbacks. Constructive conflict that is positive allows the following benefits to abound during projects life cycle: 1. It helps in developing individual and improving the project by building on the individual assets of the team; 2. It can expose underlying issues; it can impel people to confront possible defects in a solution and choose a better one; 3. Understanding of the real interest and goal, and enhancing the requirements, and the exposure of on-going communications around those issues and communication prevents premature and inappropriate resolution of conflict.
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