Conflict And Conflict Case Study

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The concept of conflict and dispute is by no means new, especially conflict. Max Weber states that conflict over property in any specific period occurs more than once as early as the nineteenth century, which refines the conflict theory of Karl Max. As relevant theories evolve, it is found that conflict and dispute are substantially inevitable. In the field of project management, great changes have occurred with the growth of the association of project managers(APM),project managers have gradually become an independent profession (Gameson&; Lowe, 1996). Similarly, conflict and dispute are widely believed to be a frequent occurrence for project managers and it is said that 70%-80% of project managers’ time is spent on conflict and disputes (Xinhua He,2001). As the conflict management and dispute resolution are increasingly important to project managers, it is crucial to determine the methods of managing conflict and resolving dispute based on the role of project managers. The main questions addressed by this paper are the following:1 How project managers manage conflict and resolve dispute 2 The differences and similarities between dispute resolutions 3 How principled negotiation applied to China. MAIN BODY PARAGRAPH: When it comes to the concept of conflict and dispute, the two concepts seem similar and may be blurred. According to Gelfand and Brett (2004), a dispute is one party states the position while the other refuses to recognize it. In terms of conflict, Susan (2011) defines it as “disagreement over data or processes or over resources”. however, it is noted that conflict is pervasive and can be managed to prevent form resulting in dispute, while the specific resolution is essential in the aspect of dispute and the third in... ... middle of paper ... ...hods because of their speed and informality. Arbitration is also a relatively inexpensive process compared to litigation, whereas litigation is formal and slow. When it comes to confidentiality, adjudication, arbitration and mediation are confidential while litigation is a public matter. A obvious difference between mediation, litigation and arbitration is that mediation is a confrontational process while litigation and arbitration are on the contrary. This is because the target of mediation is to seek mutual interest while the main goal of the latter two is to win the case. Finally, in terms of solution, a significant difference is that creative solutions are allowed by mediation while litigation and arbitration do not allow for them. Meanwhile, adjudication is also restricted by legal sanctions but certain solutions are permitted to match the substantial situation.

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