Confidentiality Case Study

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Discussion 2 Confidentiality is the moral principle or legal right that a therapist must uphold secret of all information relating to clients, unless the client gives consent permitting disclosures. Principles of respect for client autonomy and fidelity, is both ethical concerns, and important element in the counselor/ client relations (Welfel, 2013). In the world of psychotherapy, confidentiality assures honesty and respect between therapist and client. Clarifying what we talk about in the session remain private, but by law counselors may be required to disclose confidential information. There is never absolute counselors must stay alert understanding that privacy is a vital principle in law. Having a disclosure statement would help with issues, stating to the clients) that may come a time when I as a therapist may find it necessary to consult with my supervisor, colleagues, or other professional, such as an attorney concerning issues that arise in therapy. To ensure your covered one would follow the five C’s (a) consent, (b) court order, (c) client complaints, (d) communic...
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