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Concert Report

On November twenty-second, the concert that I attended was the APSU Wind Ensemble at the George and Sharon Mabry Concert Hall. The conductors of this concert were Gregory Wolynec, Christopher Dyel (graduate) and Sarah Turner (graduate). I have been to numerous concerts but never like this. When I first got to the concert I expected to hear the first instrument in the wood wind section; the flute, but unfortunately I was in shock because the musicians begin with a bass sound; the trumpet. I also expected the performers to be on stage, but they were stationed on opposite sides of the hall playing toward one another. I was very pleased by the performance I thought it was extraordinary and exhilarating.

The first movement, I would like to discuss is the Canzon duodecimi toni and Sonata pian’e forte, by Giovanni Gabrieli (1557-1612). In this performance, the texture of this piece was very polyphonic and homophonic with a variety of timbre colors. The dynamics was loud and soft in the Sonata pian’e forte. The form of this piece was in Sonata form; which had four part bass choirs, each stationed on opposite sides of the hall playing toward one another. I noticed during this performance the performers did not have a composer to direct them. The harmony of this performance was well balance and effective. I think this was a great opening piece to indulge the audience’s attention.

The second movement I would like to discuss is the Serenade in E- flat major, op.7 by Richard Strauss (1881). The performance begin with a rich sound from the oboes section over a

series of sustained notes played by the horns and the contrabassoon. The rising of the sound create a sense of anticipation as the development approaches the reca...

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...Cristina Spinei was a premiere performance during this concert. I like this piece because it had various melodies and I could hear the footsteps of someone rumbling in the subways or city. It had great melodies and it begin pessianmo and I could hear the different shifts back and forth throughout the ensemble. I do think the composer’s life experiences can influences their music. After reading over the program notes I could really tell how the composer’s life was influence by their work. The personal lie of the composers can tell who they are in some of their music and the particular impression they wanted to leave on their audience’s face after every performance. Most of all the music I heard from this concert remind me of something I heard in Music appreciation, there was also one composer I recognize on the program which was Pyotr Ilyich Tichaiksovsky. I remember
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