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The term self-confidence essentially means to have trust and faith in oneself. A self-confident person in a sense is able to act on opportunities, face challenges, and take on difficult situations without the fear of failing. Similarly to how the foundation of a successful experience is confidence, the foundation of confidence is also one and/or multiple successful experiences. The title explores this phenomenon by stating that humans are only confident within themselves and/or their knowledge when they have little else to base their conclusions upon. The notion that humans became less self-assured through the formation of a strengthened awareness may seem to be inconsistent. However, when one reaches into the bucket of worldly knowledge they…show more content…
A child will become increasingly more subjected to the concept of socialization as they age, as “socialization starts when [a] baby is born and continues into adulthood” (Gasior). The goal of socialization is to assist a knower in their journey to finding “a lasting sense of [their] place in the world” (Gaisor)and is done through the process of taking on “the values, behaviors, and beliefs of [other] groups”. Furthermore, resulting in the accumulation of outside knowledge and in turn, a loss of their own previously established ideas. Babies may have come into the world with a set knowledge of what they need, however, they will continue to walk the earth with a skewed perception of what they want. Through socialization, one is taught to latch onto a set of group ideals in order to formulate their “own”; in a sense leading to the questioning of themselves and who they genuinely…show more content…
Though it may to be seem so, knowledge and confidence do not directly go hand-in-hand as the growth of knowledge leads to the accumulation of doubt. When an individual is given the ability to develop their own beliefs, they are also given the chance to formulate a sense of self-assurance. Whereas, when individual is forced to assimilate into a group mentality or is thrown many and/or multiple perspectives, they begin to lose the ability to be secure within themselves. Confidence is developed within oneself and through one’s own experiences. Therefore, when an individual's mind is penetrated by outside perspectives their confidence will immediately take a hit. An individual is the most confident when they know little as their perspective is left undamaged and intact; when one knows little is when one knows the

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