Computer Systems

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Computer Systems

Push a single button and you are connected to the world. It has revolutionized our economy, culture, and lifestyle. It connects you to the world through the internet, where you can check e-mail or read the news. It also allows you to process and store important data and information. When you think of computers you think of a variety of things, such as games, the internet, and e-mail. The computer in our generation serves as a tool to educate and entertain. The technology for computers is growing rapidly, as many companies compete to advance hardware and software. Over the past years, the battle has been between Apple (Macs) and IBM (PCs). While both Macs and PCs make their product to suit the needs of the consumer, they are built differently. Therefore, Apples and PCs have two different strategies when it comes to selling a product. I think the biggest differences are shown in three main categories: design/style, software/performance, and reliability/cost.
Apple is known best for their innovative and stylish designs. When you compare Macs and PCs side by side, you can easily distinguish which is which. First, Apple computers are becoming more compact in size. Their new system designs include the display (monitor) integrated with the rest of the computer. The Apple’s iMac is a good example of how compact their systems are becoming. The PC on the other hand, is laid out in separate components such as the display and speakers that you plug into the desktop. Second, Apple computers have a more contemporary look. This has proven to be a great marketing and selling strategy. This new distinctive look makes the computer more appealing to the customer. Macs came out with a variety of translucent colors such as green, blue, and orange. New Apple products are coming out with very clean-looking all white models. PCs, on the other hand, are usually sold in grey or black colors, depending upon the company you buy from. I think Apple intended to make their design more like an appliance, rather than a computer, which looks user friendly and consumer appealing. Third, Apple’s design makes it easy to set up, meaning that you don’t need to connect many cords to operate the system. Easy Set up is a big plus when it comes to buying a computer. And last of all, instead of looking like a box with slots, Apple has designed computers using more shape.
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