Complaints Against the Northwestern University Students

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Rowdy Drunken College Students

I read an article about Northwestern University students in Evanston, Illinois, and the community’s complaints against them. The article, written by Bob Seidenberg, discusses the need for city council to call a meeting to address the problems of rowdy drunken college students disturbing the peace and quiet of the evenings, by wandering around and through Evanston homes late at night. The underling issue is, is this Northwestern’s problem, or simply a lack of respect from youths today?

The drunken rowdy college students have always, and will always be around. However, the Evanston community has progressively seen the situation get worse. The college students are beginning to buy houses next door to families with young children, which, potentially causes a problem. While there are no laws forbidding NU students living off campus, people in these areas are becoming upset with the result of the students living in next door. When you have students whose primary focus, beginning on a Thursday night, is to become completely “plastered”; living next door to the middle school child trying to sleep, problems arise. The parents of these children are sick of the students behavior, and are voicing their complaints.

Jane Evans was quoted saying, “These students are supposed to be the cream of the crop, but we would assert, and many of our neighbors would agree, that these students feel grossly entitled to run wild in our streets without any respect for the community in which they live.” (pg. 18) This quote is more than true. I have spent many nights at my friend’s house, and the next morning there will be empty beer cups all over the yard, and most of the night we were kept up by yelling and laughing college students running up and down the streets; she lives in the thick of the college student off campus housing.

The only problem is, whose fault is it? Northwestern University has on campus housing; however, the University is completely engulfed within the community. Living off campus is one of the benefits of going to NU, because the community and environment around the campus is extremely college oriented. When you have an environment that is so conducive to the typical college student, obviously they are going to treat the surrounding territory as their territory. So then the issue really becomes, whose fault is it? Who is to blame for the noise complaints and the rude, rowdy behavior?
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