Comparison of Two Rough Sports - Rugby and Football

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Rugby X Football
Rugby and Football are two sports that look alike, many people that don’t know the sport will think they are the same, but they are really rough sports they use a lot of power one have more protection then others people says that rugby is rougher then football.
There are two histories about how rugby was created. The history is full of confusion and rumors interpreted with fantasy and imagination. The story of the creation of rugby is no exception, coming in several versions. In the traditional version, the creator of rugby was William Webb Ellis, a London student. During a soccer match in 1823 at Rugby School, the young would have been upset with the slow game and would have grabbed the ball in his arms and ran the field, pissing off his friends and who were playing soccer, who got in his way and tried to stop him, he would tackle and run over them. That’s how born the game of rugby .
Other version believes that the ball was loaded with arms frequently during 1820 and 1830. Rugby School students also say that the ball was loaded part of the game a long time , contradicting the story of William. Despite the contradiction of how the game origin from, important institutions such as the French Rugby Federation, they gave a big role of importance to maintaining the grave of William Webb Ellis as a symbol of the successful of rugby.
The game football was created Between the 1850s and 1860s, in the United States, young students from rich families, who traveled to England, as they returned, they brought in their luggage as football and a rugby ball, sports that were practiced in Europe. Both games have spread rapidly in the United States and were committed without specific rules by the year 1876. Tired of playing two m...

... middle of paper ... generate a new scrum , a penalty kick or punt , and athletes can be punished with yellow cards ( game suspension for 10 minutes ) and red ( expulsion) . You Football , shortages generate loss of downs or yards , depending on who made the foul. Some faults can be declined by the offended team , in accordance with the field position where they will be applied and the situation that the opponent will be . Also there is the card system , athletes are initially punished verbally and repeat offenders may be expelled by the referees . Equipment : It is often not required , the use of flexible protection , head and shoulders , and mouth guard . In football , it is mandatory the use of shoulder pads ( protection in the shoulders and chest) made of hard plastic , besides helmets . We also recommend protections on the thighs and hips , these made of flexible materials .
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