Comparison Of Pablo Picasso And Les Demoiselles D Avignon

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The painting done by Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d 'Avignon (The Young Ladies of Avignon), and the painting done by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Bathers at Moritzburg, may seem similar in many ways but are actually on opposite ends of the painting world of their time.
Starting with similarities, subject matter would be the first thing an audience would recognize if both paintings were side by side, for they both contain woman nude. Furthermore the color palette is slightly similar when painting the human form. Taking a deeper look into the settings of where these pictures may have been illustrated, Picasso 's painting is set in what appears to a bedroom of some sort showing maybe a sexual desire or seduction of the nude woman. Kirchner 's painting is set in what appears to be a pond or lake with a gathering of both the male and female figure, both which are nude, showing what could be a happy gathering of friends or family.
Style is also important to take into consideration when looking at works of art as well as the technique used to implement it on the canvas. Picasso, who we know to be famous for being very abstract with cubism type art, started to use this form within the painting of Les …show more content…

In Picasso the way he applied most of his color was with a solid color to show a feature like the back or arm and when it was time to switch to another color instead of mixing them there would be a separator. This is what helped bring in the cubism into his painting. Kirchner however didn’t use cubism and instead fused in color such as some green or blue to give almost shadow on the skin, since the setting is outside, to give the effect of shade or clouds, which also helps the setting be identified. Also instead of limiting the pallet he added more onto it to add more of a warm inviting feeling to his

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