How woman and nature are portrayed throughout art history.

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Of all the Impressionist artists, it is Pierre Auguste Renoir who is most interested in painting humans and studying the portrayal of human emotions. Renoir’s technique of broken brush strokes was combined with brash colours to portray the light and movement of the subject. He was greatly inspired to paint figures, particularly of women. Renoir succeeded in assembling several figures in one frame and his compositions were complex and demanded several revisions. In the 1880s Pierre-Auguste Renoir sought to move his art beyond Impressionism and to forge a link between modern art and the classical tradition of French painting from the Renaissance period. The result was this large-scale composition of nude bathers, which occupied much of his attention for three years. This work is unique in the history of modern painting for their representation of feminine grace, and they show Renoir’s ability to capture the soft and pearly texture of skin. Even though his figures in “The large Bathers” do not follow the impressionist style of broken brush strokes, the landscape in this painting seems looks like an impressionist landscape.
Renoir was actually the first Impressionist to slightly detach from the Impressionism direction. Renoir and his peers developed new techniques that defined the movement; their art was immediate, and it portrayed movement with great compositions and vivid colours. The public welcomed this original vision although art critics did not.
Comparing the two paintings we can see how different Pierre-Auguste Renoir was from a typical Impressionist artist such as Claude Monet. Even though both artists supported Impressionism, Claude Monet focused more on the nature part and on the effect of light and shadow rather than the...

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...the two paintings come from different historic art periods. Another difference is the absence of the nude in Claude Monet’s painting. The three paintings represent my theme: woman and nature very well. The combination of the woman figure in the outdoor world for me symbolizes the connection that women have with nature. They all reflect calmness, mystery and elegance.

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