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Hollywood Ruined Beowulf Hollywood has ruined the tale of the respectable hero Beowulf whose story has been told for many generations. Beowulf is the protagonist in the oldest surviving long poem of Old English, and is also referred to as one of the most important literary works of old English literature. In 2007 Hollywood’s Robert Zemeckis decided to produce a movie of the literary classic Beowulf. However, the movie only made the story full of drama, lust, and greed. The true story of Beowulf told of a Christ like hero who helped those in need, defeated creatures of evil, and went on mind blowing adventures that only that people could only dream of doing. Hollywood continues to ruin the image of famous novel characters by adding drama or…show more content…
In the book you see more of a virtuous Beowulf who helps people, tells the truth, and seeks adventure. While in the movie you see more of a Beowulf with a craving for more human desires such lust, wealth, and power. The Beowulf we saw in the movie was very lustful and often twisted the truth when asked about his past adventures which is not becoming of a hero, and even those around him sort of confirmed that he lied sometimes without saying it. A great example of this is when Beowulf was asked by Urnferth about his swimming race with Breca and how he lost. Beowulf was telling the story and it starts out simple with him and Breca racing, However, the conditions of what happened in the race are questionable. Beowulf said they swam five days (which according to the original story was true) and that he was conserving most of his strength for the end of the race and then suddenly it started storming, and a school of sea monsters started to attack. Beowulf said he ended up defeating the sea monsters and was able to dive back straight into the race, but right at the moment he was about to catch up to Breca he was dragged down by “sea monster” that was actually a female mermaid and then said he killed the monster by plunging his blade into the sea monsters heart when in reality he just decided to make love to the lovely mermaid. Now after he tells this story Urnferth asks Beowulf how many monsters did he kill and Beowulf…show more content…
The real Beowulf is selfless, kind and exemplifies all the qualities of a hero as it says in Gilchist Brodeur’s book “The Art of Beowulf”. Brodeur writes in his book saying, “Loyalty to kindred and to state word, steadfast fortitude in any situation, readiness to stake one’s life in a good cause, trust in God and submission to his will-these are the qualities of a hero” (Brodeur 185). Hollywood decided to make Beowulf individualistic because in reality who can relate to a virtuous hero. Hollywood needed a character with traits of an average person so that way the audience can say hey I been in the type of situation before this guy is sort of like me. Beowulf was not meant to seen as an individualistic guy, because even though it is harder for people to compare themselves to someone who can kill monsters with near god like strength he still a good example to follow. Why support a man who is plagued with troubles like everyday people when we can look up to someone who has gotten past his earthly struggles and has greatly found confidence in himself. Some might say well its impossible for people to look up to someone who can do all these great things on their own and not feel inadequate. Beowulf was indeed sure of his own strength, but sometimes relied upon God to help him. Beowulf was in fact a God fearing man who at times put his faith

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