Comparing the Aura Café and the Lunch Box

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Comparing the Aura Café and the Lunch Box

The Aura Café

Situated on the High Street of Whitechapel, opposite the tube station,

the Aura café was opened in December 2004. It is a small café owned

and control by a sole owner Mr. Muhammad Ali but well furnished with

around 30 covers, with air conditioning system, a nice interior

decoration and also a non smoking area.

SWOT Analysis of the Aura Café.


* According to my findings, the Aura café targets mostly the students

from colleges and universities of the surrounding area. The target

market is young college students and therefore seeks to fulfill the

following benefits that are important to its customers:

* More time to relax and have enjoy conversation. And also there is a

wide screen TV with music channel, which basically is a plus point for

the café to have more student customers

* the Aura Café has a nice interior decoration and has more

comfortable seats than the Lunch Box. Moreover there is proper air

conditioning system.

* the Aura café has a smoking and a non smoking area, which is a great

advantage as it attracts both smokers and non smokers

* It also offers internet facilities, printing and fax service. This

aspects attracts more students to the café compared to the Lunch box.

* Finally, the location of the Aura café is one of its greatest

strengths compared to the Lunch Box. As it is located on the High

Street and a few steps from the tube

* station, it is more likely to be noticed by people moving in and out

of the tube station


* the service at the Aura café is very poor due to lack of staffs.

They have...

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* Competitions from the local restaurants that respond to Lunch Box

menus have superior offerings. For example there are two Indian

restaurants and a fish and chips in the same Osborn street.

* A slump in the economy might affect the regular customers of the

Lunch box, as customers might want to spend less of their eating



As requested, I carried out a research work on both restaurants, and

came up with the above strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

of the restaurants. By analyzing these areas, I can see that the

Lunch Box is doing better than the Aura café as its services and food

quality is better than the Aura Café. The Aura Café needs to improve

on its weak points and concentrate on the opportunities it has so that

it can have a better competence in the market.

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