Comparing Two Advertisements

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The two advertisements (adverts) which I have chosen to analyse are:-

• Lux Shower gel for women

• L’Oréal straightening cream for women

I chose Lux shower gel advert from my recent cosmopolitan magazine.

Already it is clear who the target audience is for this advert.

Cosmopolitan is an expensive, designer magazine. Aimed towards

glamorous and the higher class women, implying that this product must

also be expensive. From my point of view I feel that the target

audience for this advert is younger women who want to be more mature,

and the older women who want to look younger.

My second advert is advertising L’Oréal hot straightening cream for

women. I also took this advert from the number one magazine for women

– Cosmopolitan. This is because this advert is aimed specifically for

women, and for the more mature and well off women. And this I feel is

the age that this advert is aiming for, though it appears to me that

it may also be attractive to the younger age group as the advert comes

across to be very girly and focused on the younger audience. This

advert is clearly for the more late night, party ladies who enjoy a

laugh and some fun unlike the Lux’s adverts audience was the complete

opposite to this advert, though they come from the same magazine.

The brand name “Lux” could be an abbreviation of the word luxurious,

perfect for the description of this advert. This is also clear from

the use of font in this advert. The smooth curve from the letter “L”

to “x” (LUX) is connected and flows well. It looks smooth, and this

comes across in the advert. The product name Lux is written at the top

of the advert; we are first drawn to this as it is the largest text on

the advert. In gold font colour, with a shadow background it looks as

if it is in blocks of letters. We are drawn to this first when looking

at this advert.

The company for the product “L’Oréal” is a well known cosmetic and