My Favorite Holiday Is Christmas Essay

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As I look out my window I see tiny snowflakes slowly drifting down. I can hear the roar of laughter coming from the living room downstairs. Soon enough Saint Nick will be upon us. Christmas always brings everyone home for the holidays. Christmas is my favorite holiday because of the traditions my families and I celebrate that include our Christmas Eve routine, Christmas morning routine, and giving back to our community.
Everyone has a Christmas Eve routine. Christmas Eve starts with getting ready for mass. My family is Catholic, so Christmas Eve mass is always long. Christmas Eve mass starts at around 6 o’clock, and usually gets over at around 8 o’clock. It is usually close to two hours long, but we do not mind because Christmas reminds us why we attend. I love Christmas Eve mass because of the music the choir sings. They remind me of the angels that would be singing around the manager of Jesus after he was born on Christmas Eve hundreds of years ago. The music is soothing, and makes a person realize how beautiful celebrating Christmas is. After church, my family heads back to
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My grandma is 85 years old and she loves gambling, so we play rummy, but we bet money also. My uncle was a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas for two years; he is our dealer. Everyone is very competitive, which makes playing cards fun. We do not bet anything more than a few coins. No big dollars or anything. Playing cards is a good way to have a few laughs and for good bonding time with the family. By the end of the night, we make some hot chocolate and gather around the Christmas tree to tell stories. Some of these stories are sad, while others make us laugh uncontrollably. Christmas is such a happy time of the year. Counting from the start of our Christmas activities, until the end, my family spends approximately 15 hours together celebrating Christmas. This is the perfect amount of time too. It isn’t too much or it isn’t enough, it is simply

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