Compare and Contrast Pope Francis vs. Pope Benedict XVI

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I would like to compare/contrast Pope Francis vs. Pope Benedict XVI. During his first year in office, Pope Francis has become one of the world’s greatest social innovators. Many have celebrated Pope Francis as a spiritual leader, diplomat, and a politician. Pope Francis is a leader to start something new by launching a global campaign against hunger. Using social media, such as YouTube, Pope Francis sent his message out to elect a day, December 10th, for a world-wide rally. Additionally, Pope Francis is known for sending out tweets @Pontifex. By the use of social media, the Pope has captured attention all across the globe. Take for instance the time Pope Francis washed the feet of Muslim women in prison. Bloggers went wild with photos that are worth a thousand words. Pope Benedict, who is still revered and respected, made a statement to church leaders that social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are not a virtual world to ignore. Church leaders must embrace social media to spread the faith to the next generation. Pope Benedict, who would tweet in nine different languages, sent his annual message on social communication to stress the importance of social media for the church (Winfield, 2013). Business Goals Pope Francis business goal is to bring awareness of serving the poor and marginalized. To bring peace, love, and understanding to all his followers. His new mission of empathy and love has struck the hearts of many world-wide. Pope Francis does not just talk about the poor he sneaks out to serve them without credit or publicity. These secrets have been brought to the world’s attention because of social media (Watson, 2013). As of January 20, 2014, Pope Francis has 3,553, 186 followers on Twitter. Make that 3,553,193 ... ... middle of paper ... ...l innovator. Retrieved from Moranta, S. (2013, December 24). Pope francis: rejuvenating the catholic church. Retrieved from Pinchot, G. (2010, March 14). Retrieved from Watson, T. (2013, September 16). Pope francis, the social media star: Peace, love and a new understanding. Retrieved from Winfield, N. (2013, January 24). Pope benedict on social networking: The virtual is real. Retrieved from

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